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The Band Complete

with our new singer, Dennis ‘Tardy’ de Meij from Krush, and Stefan Brederode from Montany, Slowbituary is now a Band Complete.

We’re currently working our arses off to get a killer Obituary setlist going, so make sure to be ready when we are!!

The start of a New Era

Dennis 'Tardy' de Meij

Ages ago,¬†ad idea formed in drummer Ciro Palma (Within Temptation, Xenomorph, Dissect)’s head: to form an Obituary tribute band.

This finally became a feasible prospect when Ciro hooked up with Dissect’s Vincent Scheerman. The pair went looking for musicians, and, eventually, found Iron Laiden-shredder Eric ‘McErrick’ van Druten unable to refuse after being dragged to the Obituary show in The Patronaat in Haarlem.