Dennis made it to 2nd place! launched the Obituary “Violence” vocal cover contest and they got a lot of great entries. These were all shipped off to the band who have gotten back with the winner. Here’s what the band had to say:

We knew this was a cool idea to allow a vocal contest especially since John doesn’t share his lyrics but we could not have been more surprised and entertained by everyone’s participation and vocal covers. Thank you EVERYONE! That was Awesome!
As for the winners we want to thank you for putting forth some killer takes and great imagination with your videos.

Slowbituary vocalist Dennis de Meij entered the contest, to get to second place, from many, many entries.

The band had this to say: Dennis sounded the closest to a John Tardy voice that we heard and therefore deserves some props. Well done dude!

Check out the video!

Happy New Year!

We wish everyBODY a healthy and positive 2015!
We will be back this year, louder and heavier than before

Serious Request at Lazaru’s: het dak er af!!

adsc_0065We willen iedereen bedanken die van ons debuut in de Lazaru’s afgelopen donderdag een groot succes hebben gemaakt. je kunt hier foto’s, en een filmpje van Cause of Death (dank Isabel) bekijken.

Over twee maanden staan we samen met Iron Laiden in het LVC.. we kunnen niet wachten!

Tot dan!!

The Website Complete

as you can see, our website is now pretty much finished. We’ve put quite some effort into making it working properly for mobile internet, so now you can go to with your smart phone and see for yourself!!